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Jack Douglas and Spitfire Studio's sing praise for CM251!


Jack Douglas chooses the CM251!!!

Grammy winning producer Jack Douglas, famed for his work with Aerosmith, John Lennon and Cheap Trick , among many others came up to the Advanced Audio Microphones booth at the AES in LA."These are those microphones I've been haearing about, I'd love to try them out in the studio"

                                                                               -Jack Douglas


                 "Jack, in the spot he has been for countless award winning albums"

So, he made the decision to try out the CM251, alongside some of the vintage classics. With the help of engineer Sam Martin, and producer/engineer Warren Huart at Spitfire Studio's the CM251 got put through it's paces.


                                 "The CM251 standing up to some vintage classics"

 "Advanced Audio has nailed the CM251 dead on! I love how easily it brings a source right to the front of the mix. This microphone captures a beautiful smooth tone from top to bottom. At the same time its robust and sturdy, taking everything I throw at it."

                                                               - Jack Douglas 

Sam Martin had a close listen, tracking vocals, upright piano, mono OH, tambourine, and even some banjo!

"Vocals were fat and exceptionally smooth! The top was open yet controllable. We love to help keep vocals even and upfront with a bit of pre-saturation, that can be difficult if the microphone doesn't hold it's own; the CM251 was solid and has a comforting threshold for distortion."

"On our upright piano the bottom end was profound! On both the upright and banjo I found it to be detailed and focused."

"Drums and tambourine were great as well. It helped to add a fat tone and detailed presence to the snare/toms while remaining easy to isolate from our wide stereo pair. Same for the tambourine, it had a presence but sat in the drum mix nicely."

                                          - Sam Martin, Chief engineer Spitfire Studio's


After using the CM251, they have now decided that the newest release, the CM49 needs to come for a visit too!! Can't wait to hear their thoughts on it!

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