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AA MT8016

Postby Dave Thomas » Tue May 31, 2016 10:49 am

In a conversation with our good friend Joseph Magee who is the supervising music mixer for Sony Pictures and the Pitch Perfect movies we found that Joseph and I had something in common. We both cut our teeth on the Trident Series 80 console which was designed by another good friend Malcolm Toft. Joseph loved the Series 80 sound and also used the smaller Trident Flexi-mix based on the same circuitry to record the LA Symphony at the Hollywood Bowl.

Malcolm and I first talked to each other back in 1979 when I was looking for a mixing console for Ocean Sound Studios in Vancouver. Malcolm sent me out a Series 80 module to test and the result was we ordered a 32x24x24 Series 80 which Malcolm and Trident customized for us. We ended up with a second Trident Series 80 two year later for control room "B" at Ocean Sound Studios.

The Series 80 served us well winning Ocean Sound a Grammy Award for KD Lang and Roy Orbison singing the duet "Crying". In 2013 I finally met Malcolm in person at the AES convention in New York and we hit it off both having started our engineering careers recording to 4-Track. Malcolm was the chief engineer at Trident Studios in London and was the first UK Studio to purchase an 8-Track tape machine circa 1968. Word spread quickly and the Beatles would come over with their 4-track masters and recorded more tracks on Hey Jude at Trident with Malcolm engineering and mixing the 8 tracks back to a 4-track so George Martin could perform the final mix back at Abbey Road which still had only 4-track tape machines in operation. Malcolm went on to record David Bowies Space Oddity, T-Rex and James Taylors first Album before he started development of the famous Trident mixing consoles. in 1973 Trident took possesion of the first Ampex 24 track tape machine and was looking for a mixing console. They could not find a console that would suite their requirements so Malcolm Toft and Barry Porter the other tech at Trident decided to built a custom console which became the Trident "A" range.

Malcolm retired just this year from building professional audio gear as he felt his nearly 50 years of experience was being under utilized and he was being asked to "dumb" down his designs to fit the corporate marketing model.

Malcolm felt that what he had learned since the early designs in the 70's should not be wasted and we agreed to collaborate on a 2U microphone preamp based on Malcolms designs and my experience with studio electronics and grass roots marketing.

The MT8016 is a collaboration between Malcolm and myself plus input from professionals like Joseph Magee. Malcolm was of great help in sourcing transformers for us that were true to the original specification of those used in the Series 80.

We also got a little help on the design from another good friend Tom Graefe who designed the MCI/Sony MXP3036 and the SSL Oxford console plus preamps for Wunder Audio. We just loved the variable HP filter in his Sony MXP3036 console.

The MT8016 will be released on June 23rd at the NAMM show in Nashville and the prototype that I have been Beta testing in the Advanced Audio Studios meet and beats are expectations as we truly believe we have captured the 70's British Sound with exeptional signal to noise figures and we have added a transformer coupled output stage to the MT8016.

ADVANCED AUDIO MT8016F.jpg (121.43 KiB) Viewed 21586 times

We will be taking 30% deposits on MT8016 preamps starting June 23rd with delivery promised for the first week of September 2016. We are exeptionally privileged to be working with folks like Malcolm Toft and Tom Graefe.

Cheers, Dave
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