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About Us

The Vintage Designs, Modern Technology

Advanced Audio Microphones believe that high-quality microphones should be accessible to anyone. Grammy-award winning producers to start-up project studios, everyone appreciates the value of a great-sounding microphone. Every budget should be able to afford one.

That is how Advanced Audio Microphones was born.

Advanced Audio Microphones is a grass-roots, family-run, Canadian company. the mics are of utmost quality due to the tech skills and sound engineering expertise of CEO & designer Dave Thomas. The mics are cost-effective because we simply don't require the inflated profits necessary to run a larger organization.

We believe that a great microphone company should be like a trusted friend - approachable, reliable, honest, knowledgeable  and lots of fun.

"These are  professional microphones at affordable prices. Every mic I've created is something we happily use in our own studios."

 -Dave Thomas CEO-Designer- www.advancedaudio.ca

 Welcome to  Advanced Audio Microphones  - Let us help you capture your sound signature in the fullest detail.


Advanced Audio Mics are NOT in mass production, we are a "boutique" microphone manufacturer. All our mics are hand tested, assembled and quality controlled in our Canadian shop before being shipped throughout the world. The demand for AA mics in recent months has been overwhelming, we try to gaurantee your mic will be delivered within 4 weeks if it is out of stock.

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