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25' 7-Pin Cable
 Replacement cable for tube microphone. Neutriks 7 pin connector, 25' of proffesional low nois ..
Ex VAT: €88.62
AK12 Capsule
Our AK12 is a modern version of the CK12 capsule used in the AKG C12 / C24, AKG 414EB, and ELA M251 ..
Ex VAT: €99.59
AK47 Capsule
Our AK47 is an exact duplication of the K47 used in the U47 / 48/ M49 and U47fet microphones.  ..
Ex VAT: €0.00
AK67 Capsule
The AK67 is an improved version of the venerable K67 capsule used in the U67 and U87 microphones. &n..
Ex VAT: €80.08
Apex 460 Mod Pack
Looking to attempt the mod on your own? We offer a mod pack with all the required parts and infor..
Ex VAT: €169.92
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BV11 Transformer
Replacement dual bobbin BV11 type transformer: For Apex 460, Nady TCM1150 and other Chinese tube m..
Ex VAT: €54.88
BV18 Transformer
Used in Advanced Audio Microphones CM12se: The CM12se utilizes a larger BV18 dual-bobbin transfor..
Ex VAT: €65.00
BV2.25:1 Transformer
Bi metal, dual bobbin transformer.2.25:1 turns ratio. ..
Ex VAT: €65.00
BV8 Transformer
Replacement dual bobbin BV8 type transformer: For larger body tube microphones with U47 6.5:1 rati..
Ex VAT: €54.88
Head Grills
We carry a full  selection of replacement headgrills for AA´s microphones and many others. R..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Power Supply - 7 pin tube microphone
The power supply we provide with our tube mics. Can be set and tested to specific power requirements..
Ex VAT: €99.59
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