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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why are AA mics not available in music stores?

We are a small Canadian boutique microphone manufacturer,  we sell quality not quantity. All our mics are hand tested, finely tuned and approved to be within our specifications, by us, before shipping out all over the world. If our mics were sold in shops and through distributors the price of our mics would rise considerably.

Are Advanced Audio OEM mics?

No, Advanced Audio are not OEM mics. All our mics use circuits designed by us.

Can I purchase from the U.S shop if I live in Europe?

No, all our European sales go through our AA Europe division based in Europe. All sales are in Euros and include VAT/IVA and are actually.

Prices in different currencies and continents can not be compared so simply, there is many factors involved i.e. shipping to Europe, VAT, import tax, customs tarifs, and most importantly customer service and warranty. It is not logistically possible to send a mic from Europe to Canada and back for warranty repair.

Can I purchase with excluded VAT/IVA if I have an EU registered company?

Yes, you must sign up as a customer and select "Eu company with VAT/IVA number". You can then put in your company´s EU VAT number, it will then be automatically verified and validated in our web shop. When your VAT number is validated and approved, the VAT/IVA will be removed from the goods automatically at the checkout.

Do I have to pay VAT/IVA if I live in a non EU country?

No, the VAT/IVA is removed automatically when you select a Non EU country shipping address in the checkout. Non EU countries usually have an import tax on imported goods, please check this in your country before purchasing.


Do you offer online support?

Yes, please use the forum for online support. Questions are answered by the Advanced Audio team, on a daily basis!



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