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A warm welcome to Advanced Audio Microphones!

Advanced Audio Microphones is a small Canadian, family run company that sells studio microphones to award winning producers and project studios alike. Our unbeatable prices and high quality are quickly becoming known all over the world.

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If you live in Europe ALL our mics are sold direct to you and are shipped out from our Advanced Audio Europe office located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

If you are in the U.S/Canada please click here

Any questions? Please contact us!

E-mail or call us, 10am - 3pm Tel: +46 (0)31 382 34 50
Let us help you capture your sound signature in the fullest detail!


Advanced Audio Mics in South Africa!

Universal Music South Africa recently chose AA mics as the "go to" mics for their newly opened recording studio complex in Johannesburg. Two CM67SE and a CM47fet will be blessing the audio waves in SA.

Universal Studios Sout Africa, ww.advancedaudio-europe.com


Lady Antebellum wowed by CM67se

Charles Kelly of Lady Antebellum recently found himself in front of the Advanced Audio CM67se and the mic he was accustomed to. " When Charles sang into the AA 67, the rest of the band freaked out and said it was the best he ever sounded...(click on link above to read more!)

Lady Antebellum www.ladyantebellum.com www.advancedauidio-europe.com


Mix Magazine chooses CM47 for "$50k old school studio build":

Wes Maebe's $50k studio setup "boasts brave analogue in a new digital world." Have a look to see the  other gear and AA's CM 47 as the go to LDC.

mix magazine CM47 www.advancedaudio-europe.com


Hugely successful journey!

After a very successful week in Asia the AA team has returned with a load of knowledge and insight into our microphone production and factories day to day operations.

We are now prepared for the launch of some exciting new products and mics in the coming year! Check back in the coming weeks for our discrete transformer coupled DI box announcement, and a new SDC FET pencil mic, the CM1084!


Famed Fader Mountain Studio visit

Fader Mountan Sound Studios, Vancouver, CanadaAdvanced Audio Microphones found ourselves reveling in the famous loading bay at Fader Mountain Sound in Vancouver, BC recently. Formerly, Little Mountain Sound Studios, the studio's loading bay is famous for (or infamous) the shotgun snare sound. It can be found on a huge number of hit albums. Bruce Fairbairn and Bob Rock recorded Aerosmith's Permanent Vacation, Pump and Get a Grip , Metallica's Black Album, Bon Jovi´s Slippery When Wet and New Jersey  and Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood to name but a few of the greats who have been recorded within those walls.

Fader Mountan Sound Studios, Vancouver, Canada


Shanghai here we come!!

The company ( yes, all 4 of us!) are heading to Shanghai to visit our factory. We will be discussing the first run of our preamps and gaining even more insight into our capsule and microphone production. Shanghai is the tech capital and we look forward to 'geeking' out in the factory!


Behind the Scenes: a "vintage" orchestral recording session.

London - Advanced Audio Microphones had a chance to shine in a way they have never before; on a large ensemble in a world class studio, with award winning pro's at the helm!

"Studio one at Angel Recording Studios"   

Three sessions, all taking place at Angel Recording Studios in London, consisted of 40 of the finest London players and a saxophone soloist. 5 time Grammy nominee Chris Walden arranged and conducted the group, while James McMillan brought his award winning producing skills. Mic choices for a session of this size are not taken lightly. So, when James proposed using AA mics it required some discussion. Niall John Acott, the engineer for the session,  and James have used AA microphones in the past, but never on such a large scale.

" We've used Advanced Audio mics in recent years on a few different sources, mainly CM12se and CM47ve on vocals. More recently, we recorded a string quartet using the CM12's on violins, CM47 on viola and a CM67se on Cello, with great results. A stereo pair of CM28's in ORTF performed well as an ambient pair. The 67 is particularly sonorous on cello." Niall John Acott

Read the full story, click here!


AA is back on the Twittersphere!

We have re joined Twitter folks! https://twitter.com/AA_Microphones

Twitter https://twitter.com/AA_Microphones advanced audio microphones

Follow us to get semi regular tweets about new products and recent recordings done with AA mics. You can also link up with all the other AA mic fans and keep up to date with what they are doing.  https://twitter.com/AA_Microphones


The CM67se wins the heart of Nashville´s elite!

 We are happy to have Chuck Ainlay using the CM67se on Lee Ann Womack´s vocals recently, and he had this to say:

Chuck; "I've got to say, the AA CM67se is killing me. We did vocals on Lee Ann Womack the last few days. In my opinion she's one of the greatest female country singers ever. We did a blindfold shoot out of the AA CM67se against an AKG C12, and  Neumann U67, M269, U47 as well as some other favorites of mine. Not knowing which was which, my co-producer, Lee Ann and I all chose your mic."

Advanced Audio Microphones Europe, chuck Ainlay, Lee Ann Womack


AA Mic Shootout - Ten21 Studios, Maidstone, UK, click here for full shootout!

Award winning UK engineer/producer Niall Acott and Ten21 Studio owner Sean Kenny put Advanced Audio Microphones CM48 and our latest microphone CM47fetCE up against an AKG 414B-ULS and a Neumann U87ai at Ten21 Recording Studios in Maidstone, Kent. The resulting acoustic guitar tracks show that AA mics are holding their own AND competing with microphones 5 times their price! 

Niall: "I angled the mics as close together as possible, whilst listening on headphones. This allowed me to get the most focused signal for each mic, despite the difference of a couple inches between each capsule. I placed overall about 12 inches from the guitar body/neck join."

The preamps are those of the studio's Audient ASP8036, completely flat and unaltered signals for all 4 mics.

 "In terms of gain, the Neumann U87ai  presented a good level to the IZ ADA convertors of -18 average, -12 peak, with the preamp set to -30dB"

" The U87ai put in the expected credible, workman like result. Good solid sound, a bit zingy perhaps, but acceptable."

 The CM48 required about 3dB more gain to reach the target level."

"The CM48 came closest to the sound of the U87ai. Solid, with an extended top. Captured the transients well. Mid range detail seems to be facet of the AA mic range."




AA CM12 review in Computer Music Studio Italy!


www.advancedaudio-europe.com computer music studio italy AA CM12 review

Full review coming soon!

"I can assure I told only the truth in the article, that this microphone is one of the best value on the market, and it is so close to the original akg - for the price and quality of their products - they are the new guardian angels and saviors of a good amount of producers in the world."

Mattia Panzarini

Effettonote Recording Studio, Milan, Italy



Advanced Audio Microphones Global Forum

From all of us at Advanced Audio Microphones we would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

AA News 2014!

From today the 1st January 2014 we are proud to launch the Advanced Audio Microphones
Global Forum
. It´s time to join together our new and existing AA mic users, Mic modders and
anybody else who would like to read more about our mics. We hope it can be an educational
opportunity for many. Please log on and post your questions.
To access the forum just click on the FORUM tab on our website or click here:


We look forward to seeing you on the Forum!


CM12 & CM47 in Sound On Sound ! December issue, out now!

Sound On Sound www.advancedaudio-europe.com CM12 CM47

Paul White reviews the CM12 & CM47 in Sound On Sound December issue, out in shops 21 nov 2013.


"To my ears the CM12 has a much more airy sound than my AKG C12VR, with a more controlled low end."

"There’s just an inherent ‘rightness’ to the sound that’s hard to put into words"


CM414's in Mix magazine!

We got a little nod over at Mix Magazine in Wes Maebe's review of the best gear at the AES this year. The CM414 has long been Dave's favorite for overheads on piano or drums, but he also adds, "Sometimes if you want an acoustic guitar to cut through a rock mix the 414 does a great job." We just got a shipment off the boat so we have some of these great microphones available now!

Mix Magasin www.advancedaudio-europe.com Advanced Audio Microphones Europe


Advanced Audio Microphones Europe