DM-304 cartridge rplacement

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DM-304 cartridge rplacement

Postby mruckus » Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:03 pm

Hey modders! I have an old DM-304 that sounds terrible, I was wondering about the possibility of putting the guts from say a SM7B or RE20 in, would that work (the cartridge is 1 3/8" across)? I wonder about the design of the case and the extra porting, where the mic I have is only open at the basket grill about 1.25" across and about 3/4" deep with a solid aluminum case. How might the case affect the sound? And has AA ever supplied the guts from their DM20 separately for such a project? Thanks!
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Re: DM-304 cartridge rplacement

Postby Dave Thomas » Mon Jul 30, 2018 10:10 am

Hi Karl, the capsule in our DM20 has a OD of 3.5cm or 1.38". So, I don't think it will fit. A SM58 or SM57 capsule might fit. However, I don't have one here to measure at the moment.

However, try this first The AIWA DM-304 was a Hi Impedance/Low impedance microphones. There should be two output impedances that you can measure at the connector. Make sure you are using the low impedance/resistance winding.

Also, some of these microphones has foam pop filters in front of the capsule and this foam would have decomposed. Make sure foam particles are not stuck to the diaphragm. You might be able to clean an particles with distilled water.

Cheers, Dave
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