Mod of a CAD Trion 8000 with 6-pin XLR

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Mod of a CAD Trion 8000 with 6-pin XLR

Postby Flori54 » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:34 am

I am thinking about a mod, but do not know, if that makes sense.
I would like to install a "CK-12" - style - capsule in my CAD Trion 8000, because I like the sound of
that capsule very much, but do not know, which I could use for that mod, since the
capsule-voltage in the Trion is 120 volts (?), but the most mod-capsules are for
60 volts. Would the "AK-12"-capsule fit?
Would a "Cinemag"-transformer make a difference, and could I install it, too?
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Re: Mod of a CAD Trion 8000 with 6-pin XLR

Postby Dave Thomas » Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:19 pm

Hello, I think I address the CM8000 upgrade in another post. "CAD 8000 to AA CM47 Mod".

The C8000 places 60v on the capsule they divide the 120v with R4 & R5 plus potentiomenter R10. R10 adjusts the voltage on the back-plate so that it equals the voltage on the rear diaphragm when switched to Cardiod.

In fig 8 the rear diaphragm is polarized at 120v double the back-plate to get FIG 8.

C8000 upgrade 1.0j.jpeg
C8000 upgrade 1.0j.jpeg (168.14 KiB) Viewed 3067 times

You can keep the 6J1 tube circuit but replace it with our GE/JAN 5654W. Change R9 to a 100K and R7 to a 1.5K. Change C4 to a 220ufd/35v for better low frequency response and change C3 to a 1000pf polystyrene 1% at 250v.

The AK12 will fit and we send out a saddle with our AK12 that will fit onto the C8000 post. Until, I found the 5654W tubes I would change these to our CCDA circuit but we are getting great results with the 5654w giving it an even more vintage vibe.

Our 8:1 will be more like the transformer in the original C12 except with the 5654W tube the turns ratio does not need to be as high. Our BV18, 8:1 has the same ratio and specs as the Cinemag 2510.

Cheers, Dave
Dave Thomas
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