Rough threads on shock mounts

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Rough threads on shock mounts

Postby jbrawn » Tue May 23, 2017 12:54 am

I know this isn't the same as building a DIY microphone -- but just in case other people have this same problem, I thought I'd share what I discovered that really made a difference.

I own a pair of CM47 microphones, which I love to use with my location Recording hobby/business. I am full of praise for these mics, but there has been one minor irritation. Although the threads on the shock mount look well cut, as do the threads on the microphones, they didn't actually turn smoothly. It always seemed to take more force than it should, and it sometimes make squeaky noises while spinning on or off.

I'd recently bought some special lubricants for my other hobby - model railroading - and it dawned on me that I might be able to use the heavier weight nano-oil on the microphone threads. I did, and after two cycles of mounting and releasing the shock mounts they both freely and smoothly spin! The lubricant I used is 85 weight Nano-Oil which contains 0.09 micron diamond balls (think really hard, and really tiny ball bearings) which embed themselves in sub-microscopic metal crevices providing a very low friction surface.

It might sound like snake oil, but it really did a great job on the mic threads. I don't think it improved the recorded sound even the slightest bit -- but it makes me smile every time I setup the mics or take them down.

Under other lessons learned, my first attempt at lubrication several months ago was to spray WD-40 on the shock mount threads, and within a short period of time the felt spacers came off the shock mounts. I waited a couple of months for the WD-40 to be long gone, and then I reattached the felt rings with Sulky KK2000 adhesive.

Everything has been working perfectly for the last 4 setups. Now the mechanical qualities match the audio qualities of these great mics.

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Re: Rough threads on shock mounts

Postby Dave Thomas » Sun Nov 19, 2017 2:09 pm

Hello, thanks for your great post. Yes, I was upgrading a ART T4 (Warm 47) body for a client and they had actually painted the threads black. It tooks some good cleaning to get these threads to work smoothly.

Occasionally, they leave some grey paint on our microphones, usually on the shock threads.

We will check for that more carefully as we now have an employee that checks every single part of the microphone, including measuring the PS voltage, checking the multi-pin connectors, capsule orientation and physical condition.

I will add the microphones shock-mount threads to his list and we shall try the 85 weight nano-oil solution.

Here is a great shot of the legendary John Oates using the CM47 recently in Nashville.
John Oates on CM47ve.jpg
John Oates on CM47ve.jpg (271.75 KiB) Viewed 790 times

Cheers, Dave
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