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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 10:26 am
by Dave Thomas
Hello and welcome to our new Forum section. We get so many great e-mails and calls from AA microphone users that we decided to add a FORUM section to our web-site.

We really appreciate all the great e-mails we get daily regarding the performance of our microphones and suggestions we get from AA microphone users.

The Forum is a place for AA microphone users to share about how they use our microphones in recording situations, ask questions and even post clips of recordings that have been made with our microphones in the studio or during live recordings events.

We are going to Shanghai in late February to work with the microphone factory, engineers and technicians in the capsule lab. Our goal is to increase our understanding even further of the build process so the build quality and sound quality can be even further increased while continuing to keep the microphone at affordable prices.

We will also be working on the final production details for our new 2073 2-Channel discrete Class "A" transformer coupled preamp and our new 2-Channel class "A" transformer coupled tube preamp. I am convinced we can bring these two new products in and sell them at very affordable prices. We took a prototype of both these preamps to the AES show in NYC last October and they generated a lot of interest and excitement at the show.

We will be going through posts on the Forum and taking some of suggestions generated with us to Shanghai. We believe the Forum format will allow as to more quickly address improvements to our products that will benefit everyone from beginning project studios to seasoned producers.

We look forward to reading all the Forum posts whether they come from existing AA users or potential AA users throughout the New Year.

Cheers, Dave


PostPosted: Fri Jan 03, 2014 4:11 pm
by catesound
I am really insterested in your new preamps, especially 2073. Can you let us know more informations, photos of it?


PostPosted: Sun Jan 05, 2014 12:07 pm
by Dave Thomas
Hello, thanks for your inquiry.

The 2073 is based on the venerable Neve 1073 circuitry less the EQ. I am a firm believer like the late Roger Nichols that "Individual microphone EQ is frowned upon". The 2072 is two 1073 preamp stages in a 2U case with the following features:-

1) Original "Carnhill" dual winding input transformers.

2) 5db per/step input attenuator/gain switch as used in the original 1073 with a Line input feature.

3) Hi/Low microphone impedance toggle switch

4) Phantom 48v on/off toggle switch

5) Phase toggle switch

6) Output level control wired in the same location as the Neve console fader.

I have include a picture of the working prototype. The final production model will have similar size VU meter and the lettering for the controls and switches will be engraved and filled with paint.

Cheers, Dave


PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:30 am
by Gringo Starr
Hi Dave,
I'm trying to get some infos on the web of your stand at 2015 Musikmesse but can't get any. Can you post some photos please?


PostPosted: Sun May 31, 2015 3:56 pm
by Dave Thomas
Hello, Scotty has posted all the pics that I have of our stand at Musikmesse on our web-site.

Sorry for the delay in answering. I have been very busy installing a Sony MXP3036 analogue console in our studios since our return from Frankfurt.

I do have some pics of my visit to some of the major recording studios in London that I will try and post shortly.
Dave Abbey Road.jpg
Dave Abbey Road.jpg (529.17 KiB) Viewed 22449 times

An old client just found me on Facebook and sent this picture of me mixing his record in 1978. We are now talking about recording a re-union CD sometime next Year.
Dave Late 70's.jpg
Dave Late 70's.jpg (72.2 KiB) Viewed 22449 times

Here is a picture of the Advanced Audio control room and Sony MXP3036 just before I replaced all the VU lights with LED's.

control room.jpg
control room.jpg (638.85 KiB) Viewed 22449 times

Scotty and I have also been very launching the new CM49 microphone. We have had it in two studios that have well preserved original M49 microphones and the verdict is "SPOT ON".

However, we use our favourite CCDA class "A" circuit with the very economical Sovtek 6072a tube. I will get the opportunity in a couple of weeks of trying the CM49 on classical guitar and upright bass.

Cheers, Dave

Gringo Starr wrote:Hi Dave,
I'm trying to get some infos on the web of your stand at 2015 Musikmesse but can't get any. Can you post some photos please?