The new AA CM8016 preamp is unveiled

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The new AA CM8016 preamp is unveiled

Postby Dave Thomas » Tue May 17, 2016 11:20 pm

Thanks everyone for checking into our Forum and for all your great support.

We have been working on a microphone preamp for several years that would meet our audio standards yet could be produced for an affordable price.

Here is the final result of our first offering.
ADVANCED AUDIO MT8016F.jpg (121.43 KiB) Viewed 5090 times

Introducing the AA MT8016 Dual Channel Microphone Preamplifier.

After several conversations over the years with console designers like our old friend Malcolm Toft who designed the 70’s Trident consoles and Tom Graefe who designed consoles for MCI as well as preamps for Wunder Audio...we came to the conclusion that we liked Malcolm, Tom and Neve’s approach that relied on high quality input transformers not requiring a pre-transformer PAD.

Malcolm, Tom and Rupert Neve would all agree that using a PAD in front of the input transformer is frowned upon and can “suck the life out of a preamp”.

AA Microphones CEO & Designer Dave Thomas owned and serviced two Trident Series 80B consoles in the 80’s plus a Neve console with 1073 modules.

Joseph Magee who is a client of Advanced Audio plus a supervising sound mixer at Sony Pictures and the Pitch Perfect movies asked if we could build him a preamp based on the Series 80 console that he cut his teeth on in the 80’s.

Joseph was never able to find a modern replication of the original Series 80 preamp that would give him the “British” sound that he remembered.

Our good friend Malcolm Toft, the original designer was very helpful in guiding us with the transformer design so that the transformer we spec'd had the same ratio and were true to the originals, giving us the same sounds texture.

When a preamp design has no input pad the “sound” of the input transformer is more audible and colors the sound in a really nice way.

The Trident Series 80 design had op amps but like the Neve design there were two gain stages controlled by dual tandem controls. This increases the headroom and transparency as the two stages work in tandem with each other.

Our goal was to design a "State of the Art” transformer coupled preamp for very affordable prices.

With today’s technology we found that we could accomplish this and use electronic components that had better specifications than parts available in the 70’s.

The front end of the MT8016 circuit has been married to a transformer output stage that further captures the 70’s British console sound.

We also added a variable HP filter that I have found invaluable in my MCI/Sony MXP3036 that Tom designed. Its usually all you need to clear up a muddy guitar.

The MT8016 has 1% resistors and uses very low ESR coupling capacitors bypassed with ultra fast metal film capacitors.

The MT8016 is assembled at our shop in Canada with custom made, British transformers from a Company Neve uses. The cases and circuit boards are also made in Europe.

Measured specifications of the MT8016.

E.I.N. < -129dbm 20hz to 20khz input terminated into a 1K load

Maximum output:
+21dbm / +24dbu

1Khz +21dbm: 0.009%
40Hz +21dbm 0.5%
50Hz +21dbm 0.05%

Frequency response:

22Hz to 40kHz +/- 1db.

Gain range: -10 to +60db.

The MT8016 dual preamp will sell for the introductory price of $995 USD

We will have two finished units ready to show at NAMM on June 23 in Nashville. We will take 30% deposits at that time with a delivery date 6-8 weeks later.

Cheers, Dave Thomas
Dave Thomas
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